Contact us at 814-683-5655 or art@pymatuningmx. com


Our address is

15729 Maples Road, Linesville, PA  16424




If you have any question, please email me us

art@pymatuningmx. com


Always call the track hotline 814-683-5655

to check track conditions


Holeshot’s Year-End Awards

Our Year-End Awards are given to the top 3 riders of each class who have met the 15-race requirement.   All scheduled racing events count towards this awardrd.


Previous Year Winners!


Iron Man Champ Award

Any rider who completes every scheduled racing event during the season will receive this award.  



Gate Fee: 

   $10 per person (5 y/o & under Free)

   Special 3-Day Events gate fee will be

   posted at a later date


Registration Fee:  $25 Per Class


CRA Membership: $20 per year



Information subject to change

   Gates open: 4:00pm
   Sign up: 5:30pm
   Practice: 6:00pm
   Race: 7:30pm


   Gates Open 2pm
   Sign Up 3pm...
   Practice 4pm
   Race 5pm  


   Gates Open 7am
   Sign Up 8am
   Practice 9am
   Race 10am
   Peewee And Quads Start After Bike Motos.


QUAD Practice: Tuesday  4:00 - dark
Bike Practice: Wednesday 4:00 - dark

Call before you haul!


50cc Pee Wee Classes:...
  50cc Shaft Drive Shaft drive 2 stroke 0-51cc Ages 4-8
  50cc Junior Single speed automatic 0-51cc Ages 4-6
  50cc Senior Single speed automatic 0-51cc Ages 7-8

Minicycle Classes:
  65cc Junior 59-65cc Ages 7-9
  65cc Senior 59-65cc Ages 10-11
  85cc Junior 2-stroke 79-85cc*, 4-stroke 75-125cc * Ages 9-11 *Small wheel only
  85cc Senior 2-stroke 79-85cc* 4-stroke 75-150cc* Ages 12-15 *Small wheel only

Youth Classes:
  Super Mini 2-stroke 79-112cc., 4-stroke 75-150cc Ages 10-16
  Schoolboy 122-250cc Ages 12-16 No 250 2-Stroke
  No “A class, Money Class, “or Pro class” racers allowed.
  Trail Bike 4 stroke up to 150cc 15 years and under

Motorcycle Classes:
  Women 99cc-250cc Ages 13+
  Open A (Pro Bike) 122cc-open Ages 16+
  2-stroke 122-250cc Ages 12+
  Open B 122cc-open Ages 14+ Must be 14 to ride 250 2-stroke
  Open C 122cc-open Ages 14+
  125 2-stroke 100-150cc Ages 10+
  Collegeboy 122cc-open Ages 17-24 Must be 12 to ride 125cc
  Plus 25 122cc-open Ages 25+
  250 A 122-250cc Ages 16+
  Vet Plus 30 122cc-open Ages 30+
  250 B 122-250cc Ages 12+
  Senior Plus 40 122cc-open Ages 40+
  Must be 14 to ride 250 2-stroke Senior
  Plus 50 122cc-open Ages 50+
  250 C 122-250cc Ages 12+ Must be 14 to ride 250 2-stroke
  Bomber 1997 & older machine

Mini Quads:
  Quad 50 *Production Class 0-50cc Ages 8 & under
  Quad 70 *Production Class 50-70cc Ages 11 & under
  Quad 90 *Production Class 70-150cc Ages 14 and under
  Mini Open Quad 70/90/150 Shifter mods Ages 8-15
  No Auto or CVT Quads

Regular Quads:
  Quad Schoolboy 200-350cc; 0-200c 2 stroke, 0-350cc 4 stroke Ages 12-16
  No Auto or CVT quads
  Quad A / Expert 250cc-Open Ages 16+
  Quad B 250cc-Open Ages 16+
  Quad C (Woodsman*) 250cc-Open Ages 16+
  Open Quad Ages 16+ 250cc-Open No Woodsman Permitted
  Women (125cc - Open)
  Quad Vet 250cc - Open Ages 30+